4 Reasons Why You Should Be Present on Social Media in the Middle East

With the rise of social media in the Middle East, it has become an indispensable way to promote your business, products or services. Many businesses are taking advantage of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others to attract new customers and connect with current ones. If you business still didn’t join the social media trend, then you are missing out on a lot and should consider getting started.

Why you should be present on social media?

To reach a wide market: The rise of social media is significantly improving each year in the MENA. In fact, in 2011, 9.5% of the region’s population was active on social networks. Today and after 3 years only, this percentage has increased to 18% which is around 71 million internet users, and it is expected to maintain an important increase in the coming years. This number must be enough reason for any business to promote itself on the different social networks such as Facebook which has around 66 million active users and Twitter with 4 million accounts in the MENA.

To advertise more effectively: Social networks like Facebook and YouTube are, in many ways, great platforms to advertise on. First of all, online advertising gives you the possibility to monitor results and budget spending to make changes whenever needed to improve the effectiveness of your ad results. As for traditional advertising, once the budget and the creative aspects are set, there is no turning back. Secondly, online advertising campaign is cost effective. Thousands of dollars must be spent on billboard advertising or on a 30-seconds TV commercial to reach random viewers. However, a hundred dollar spent on Facebook can reach thousands of targeted viewers. And this is by far the power of online ads. Compared to traditional media whereby you don’t have any control on the profile of the targeted group, online advertising allows advertisers reach the profile a target that would be interested in their messages.

To get closer to consumers: With the growth of businesses’ presence on social media, it has become the reference for customers in need of support. The customer service phone is ringing less in profit of a comment or direct message asking for assistance on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, social networks are turning into comment cards where customers give their feedback about your services. In both ways, taking these reviews into considerations will help you improve your offers and build a personal and professional relation with your fans by socializing with them.

To support your website: In this digital era, a social media strategy is necessary to support and promote a website. Keep in mind that the basic information about the business and its services are usually displayed on the website, while social networks are where all the fun is. Creating interesting campaigns and competitions with prizes, sharing exclusive news and the latest services are an effective way to give your business more exposure and attract more customers in a viral way.

Finally, a well implemented social media strategy generates more traffic to your website giving you a competitive advantage in the search engine ranking. However, it is not the only way to improve your positioning in SERP, but it can help along with a smart search engine optimization.