The Winning Ticket – You Must Be Present to Win

When’s the last time you entered your name into a drawing? You knew that if the giveaway was really good, you’d better stick around. The winning ticket would be drawn and it could be you. You could be the winner of that great prize. But what if you decided leave early? What if they started calling your name, but you’re weren’t in the room? You know what would happen next, right? They’d toss your ticket on the table and draw another ticket. You would have forfeited your chance to win because you weren’t present.

So what does that have to do with marketing?

Everything! Acquiring a new lead or client or getting an excellent referral is like having the winning ticket–only better! By being present, in social media, networking events and in your prospect’s inbox and mailbox, you are entering to win over and over again. When they need your services and reach to pull out a ticket, it could be your name that is being called.

But how can I be in all of these places at the same time?

That’s a great question. Even though you can’t show up at every networking mixer, or be on every social media platform, be in every print publication or in every mailbox, you can put key strategies and systems into place that reach those who most need what you have to offer.

By having clarity of who your ideal clients are and how you can best serve them with products and services they need and want, you can be sure to be present in the places that they are showing up online, offline and at events.

Yes, but are you making any money? I get that you need to be present but what about the profit?

I honestly believe that presence precedes profit. Showing up is a big part of it and being of service is the other. So would it surprise you to know that I’ve secured more than one client through being present on Facebook and answering questions as they come up in the chat and scroll in the news feed?

What if I told you that my calendar and pipeline are constantly filled and I don’t have more than 1100 people on my list? It is possible that one email campaign could bring a steady stream of clients for the year? Is it because I’m such a marketing genius? While I do love marketing, being present and approachable allows me to build trust and influence.

Secondly, sharing information I know, and being willing to hang in the saddle till someone is ready to buy from me, allows me to continue to be of service and ready to engage prospects in the conversation on their terms and timing.

But all of that would be have me re-inventing the wheel every time if I didn’t have systems and a team in place to make it all happen. And that certainly didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen in a vacuum. I needed help to get lift off and maybe you do too.

So as you craft your marketing messages, reaching out to those you want to serve, across multiple channels and platforms, be sure to get the help you need to get the job done. Then, stay present, so when they need what you have to offer, they’ll call your name. You must be present to win!